Neighbours coerce smaller extension for Madurodam

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Madurodam in The Hague presented its future plans to the Municipality of The Hague on 20 January, which included a much less extensive expansion of its grounds than the original design called for.

The park now plans to acquire an additional 7,000 square metres of land while it first had been considering an extension of 4.5 hectares. The new plans were developed in consultation with neighbourhood residents.

The new plans provide space for the construction of new roofed pavilions with interactive attractions at the edge of the park. Madurodam has promised neighbourhood residents that it would not expand its grounds into the forest. An eco wall will form the border along the entire boundary on the wooded side of the estate. The dune valley along the dune (Zuiderduin) in the forest will remain intact, just as the dune (Noorderduin) along the Haringkade.

Grass and trees will be planted on the square in front of the theme park. The ticket desks will move to the square and the buses will drive directly to the car park on the opposite side of the Telderstracé.

The miniature city would like to expand and add new attractions in order to remain competitive and interesting to its public.

2 February 2017,