New building for Willemsparkschool

The maintenance of the Willemspark School on Frederikstraat is a nightmare. Behind the façade, which is actually the entrance-way into the inner courtyard (between Frederikstraat and Cantaloupenburg), there is a jumble of buildings constituting the school itself.

The school dates from 1938 and really needs to be replaced. Architects TOPOS have drawn up a plan for a new two-storey building with a gymnasium in the basement.

Temporary removal of façade

The plan has been given the OK by the education authorities and funding has been arranged. All that is needed now is the go-ahead from the building inspectorate.

In preparation, the school has already held two information evenings for local residents. They were informed that the façade on Frederikstraat would be temporarily removed and then replaced once construction work has been finished after about 18 months. This will make access to the construction site much easier and less disruptive for those living and working in Frederikstraat and Cantaloupenburg.

Temporary school building

The green light is expected in October. This will mean bussing 200 pupils to and from a temporary school building provided by the council. It will be quite a logistic feat as the pick-up point cannot be in Frederikstraat.

More information

The Willemspark School is part of the Stichting Haagsche Schoolvereeniging and follows the international primary curriculum (IPC), which places the emphasis on thematic assignments and self-motivation. Visit for more information and view architectural plans of the proposed new school.

Summarised translation of article

Nieuwbouw Willemsparkschool by Frits Hoorweg

A&W Community Newspaper June 2010