New energy sources for Archipel and Willemspark

aHow can we insulate our homes (many of which are more than one hundred years old) and increase their comfort? How can we decrease dependence on fossil fuels? How can we invest as a community in our own “green current.” What are the rules and guidelines for this?

I posed these questions to the Department of Sustainable Building.

Apparently, the existing rules are simple. For most changes to the exterior of a house you will need a permit. For instance, solar panels should not be visible from the street. You can insulate your roof from the outside if its height and appearance remain the same. For insulation of floors or a roof subsidies are available.(see www.energiesubsidiewijzer)

It is very interesting to observe what is happening in the Vogelwijk neighbourhood. They started a cooperative association, the VogelwijkEnergiek, which already has over 250 members.  They have a very ambitious sustainability program.  Their goals are to become 50% greener by 2015, save energy consumption by 20%, and install 20% more solar panels on their roofs.

The municipality wants to make an analysis of the houses in our neighbourhood. To see what measures (insulation, geothermal heat, self-generation of electricity by wind or other means) will be the most desirable for the houses in this neighbourhood.

We need to enlist people who want to help us. We need your support and expertise!

If you want to support this neighbourhood initiative please contact:

Text written and supplied by Marjan Teesing