New measures re: Corona virus

Dear Madam, Sir,

On Monday, September 28, the government announced additional national measures during a press conference. Additional measures are needed to limit the current rapid spread of the corona virus. The measures are aimed at reducing the number of contact moments. These measures apply from Tuesday 29 September at 6 p.m.

On you will find all measures. You can press to read back the emergency ordinance.

What do the new measures mean for your organization?
We have listed the most important measures for you.
• A maximum of 30 people (including children) per space are allowed inside. This does not include personnel.
• For outdoor activities, a maximum of 40 people (including children) applies. This does not include personnel.
• Is there a company? Then a maximum of 4 people applies (provided that a distance of 1.5m can be kept). Inside and outside. A company is a group of people who more or less belong together, temporarily or otherwise. Think of family, a group of friends, a travel group, a sports team, but also a wedding, birthday party, neighborhood drink or staff outing.
• An exception is for organized activities of scouting, culture, art and other youth activities for children up to and including 17 years old.
• Mouth caps: the mayor asks everyone to wear a mouth cap in indoor areas that are accessible to the public, such as supermarkets, restaurants and shops. This also applies to social facilities that are accessible to the public, such as a community center and a Service Point XL.
• The duty to report for meetings up to 50 people and the reservation for meetings up to 100 people will be canceled.
Basic rules remain important
The measures such as: keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, washing hands regularly, working from home as much as possible, staying at home in the event of complaints, taking hygiene measures, separating visitor flows, allocating fixed seats within permanent seats, remain important.

What does this mean to you?
Vulnerable people
We ask you to explicitly take into account vulnerable people (the elderly and people with fragile health) who can become very ill from the virus in your activity or service. You can give these people extra protection against the virus by offering window times. An activity or service is only available to this group of people.

Consult with the manager of the property you are using
Are you using a building of a social organization to organize your activity? Coordinate the use of the rooms with the organization or the manager of the building.

Frequently Asked Questions
You can find answers to frequently asked questions here. Visit the website of the National Government and the Municipality of The Hague for more or specific information.

Where can you go for questions?
Do you have questions about the new measures? Then visit the website You can also always contact your contact person within the municipality of The Hague.

We realize that the new measures have a significant impact on your organization. Yet we are forced to do everything we can to get the corona virus back under control in our city. Let’s continue to support each other in these difficult times. We wish you a lot of luck in the near future!
Kind regards,

Municipality of The Hague Education, Culture and Welfare
Director Youth and Social Support Act