New recycling containers for plastic in Archipelbuurt

Forty special containers for the recycling of discarded plastic packaging are in service at 20 different locations in The Hague. The collected plastic will be recycled to make new packaging and, for example, automobile parts, tennis balls and floor coverings. If the scheme proves successful, it is possible that more recycling points will be designated.

Two locations in Archipel
Two of these rather bulky recycling containers have been installed in the Archipel at Nassauplein and Burgemeester Patijnlaan.

More information about what sort of plastic can be deposited in the containers and where they are all located can be found at

What kind of plastic is allowed?
Most plastic thrown away in the regular garbage is packaging: plastic bags, yoghurt containers, shampoo bottles and the like. The 40 containers are intended for this kind of packaging material.

Plastic other that packaging, such as plastic garden chairs or toys, can be taken to the Plutostraat depot for recycling.