New Rules for Municipal Registration

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Published: 28 January 2014. Modified: 13 February 2014
 On 6 January 2014 new rules took effect for the registration of personal information with the municipality. The Wet basisregistratiepersoonsgegevens (Wet BRP) replaces the Wet gemeentelijke basisadministratie persoonsgegevens (Wet GBA), although both are still called the Municipal Personal Records Database in English. What has changed?
The new rules make it possible to register for people who will not be living in the Netherlands or who are staying in the Netherlands for only a short time. This can be done through the registration procedures for non-residents of the Netherlands.

Even people staying in the Netherlands less than 4 months now need aBurgerservicenummer (citizens service number) to arrange all their affairs with Dutch government agencies. The Hague is part of a selected group of Dutch municipalities in which non-residents of the Netherlands can register and arrange a BSN.

Are you leaving the Netherlands and will other members of your household be staying behind? Then everyone who is leaving the Netherlands must appear in person at the municipal office when reporting your move abroad. This also applies to children under 18 years. 
Your personal information which is registered with the municipality is used by more than 600 Dutch government agencies. The Tax and Customs Administration ((Belastingdienst)) and the Public Employment Service (UWV) use your details to calculate your tax deduction and/or benefits. Your municipality uses your data, for example, when you apply for a parking permit or a new Dutch passport. If you will be left an inheritance, it is important that you are properly registered with your municipality so the notary can easily find you.
Would you like to check whether your personal details are correct? You can quickly and easily check whether the municipality has your correct details through You can log onto the website with your DigiD. If you do not have a DigiD, you will first need to register via

If your details are incorrect, the municipality can correct them. You will need to send a letter to the Department of Public Service or bring the letter to Department of Public Service counter at one of the sub-municipal offices in The Hague. Include any documentation which proves that your personal details in the BRP (formerly the GBA) are incorrect, for example a valid birth certificate.

To correct your details you need to be registered in the Municipality of The Hague.

15 February 2014