New “tree roundabouts” in the Prinsevinkenpark

November 16, 2018

In the Prinsenvinkenpark there is a monumental maple in the middle of a beautiful round tree mirror. In two other places in the immediate vicinity the municipality also wants to construct such “tree roundabouts” to protect the trees. It is a large tree (which is already being damaged by parking cars) and a smaller recently planted tree (an ash) that is also in the middle of the street but now in such a small planting hole that is driven against it with some regularity. The tree has been replaced several times. The municipality now wants to replace the ash at the same time with a larger one: possibly an amber tree (liquidambar).

The intention is to create a new, round (diameter 8 meter) planting area at both new locations so that the trees now have enough space to develop properly. The work should be completed by the end of this year. At the beginning of next year, a fence will be added, as is already present around the maple (the exact shape is still being examined in terms of availability of materials).

Public Space working group