News from the working group Sustainability

December 2011 – Now that we have been active as a working group for almost a year, it seems a good idea to give some kind of intermediate account of our activities up till now.

It all started with a short appeal in the A&W Community Newspaper in February of this year. Almost at once, reactions were received from four enthusiastic residents: Carien, Michel, Annette and Marjan B. All felt the need to be active in the field of sustainability, but it was all still a bit vague and noncommittal. More people followed: Antoinette, Daniël, Hanneke, Ernst and Hans. In the meantime, a productive relationship with the City Council has developed, initially with the Bureau for Monuments & Historical Sites and the Department of Urban Development, and then later with the Department of Environmental Communication.

The website ‘Ken uw woning’ (know your house) came about as a result of this interaction. All residents looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient can find specific advice on the kind of measures they can take.

Festive meeting
At the end of January 2012 we plan to introduce ourselves to you in person. We would also like to hear about your requirements and wishes in the field of sustainability. It will be a festive and stimulating get together, and the subject of sustainability will of course take centre stage. More news will follow shortly.

We are working on an inventory of what has already been achieved in our neighbourhood in the field of sustainability. To this end, we are eager to hear from residents who have already installed solar panels on their roofs.

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Article ‘Berichten van de werkgroep’
A&W Community Newspaper, December 2011
Translation: Antoinette van der Maas