Become a member of the association ‘t Klokhuis

When the municipality of The Hague decided to divest the neighborhood and service center ‘t Klokhuis, the residents wanted to keep the Klokhuis for their Archipel Willemspark district. That is why the Klokhuis foundation was established on September 26, 2005. This is responsible for management and operation. The foundation is mainly the ‘landlord’ of the available spaces, of manning the buffet and of offering hosts and hostesses. But it also has a library. Many volunteers were active in the Klokhuis until the corona crisis. They also receive an expense allowance.


However, there is also an association ‘t Klokhuis. This association ‘works’ behind the scenes and is therefore not well known in the district. Why is there an association?

In order to guarantee the continuity of the Klokhuis, the limited reserve of money, which was contributed by the residents in the past, has been placed with an association. The current association ‘t Klokhuis was founded on March 27, 2008. Gilles Hooft Graafland was the first chairman. He was succeeded on 15 October 2019 by Loulène Boersma. The current board consists of Joke Hamers (secretary), Derk Hazekamp (treasurer) and the members Liesbeth de Bles and Janet Ranke.

What does this association do? It focuses in particular on the optimal functioning of the neighborhood and service center ‘t Klokhuis. If necessary, the Klokhuis foundation can therefore submit a request to the association for support. Every year the volunteers receive a small gift from the Association.

Once a year a General Assembly is held and the members decide what happens with the ‘collected’ money. If possible, there is an annual trip. Volunteers can also attend. The membership fee of the association is €7.50 per person per year. Money can also be donated. Due to natural attrition, the association has to contend with a decline in the number of members.


The association is looking for new members. With this you support your own district and service center Het Klokhuis.

You can register by email to the secretary Joke Hamers,, or by phone 06 55166413.

Donations are welcome on the account of the association NL70INGB0007736353. The association has no Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) status.

Many thanks in advance for your responses.

Board of the association ‘t Klokhuis