BorderKitchen 5 June 2018 Interview with author Rachel Kushner (Club Mars)


This June Rachel Kushner visits BorderKitchen to talk
about her latest novel Club Mars. Romy Hall is 28 and just
got sentenced two life sentences plus six years at a
maximum security prison in Northern California.
Outside is the world from which she is cut off forever:
the San Francisco of her childhood days, the stripclub where
she used to dance for a living. And her seven year old son
Jackson, now designated to her mother’s care, from whom
she is estranged. Club Mars is a powerful and unsentimental
portrait of a women’s life on the poor side of the American
society, and a sharp attack at the American prison system.
Inside is the new reality to which she has to adjust to:
thousands of women who try to scrape together their life
needs, the absurdity of the life in the institution, daily
violence by guards and prisoners.
Romy’s future is a long and unrelenting straight line.
Until she’s pulled out her rut by news from outside, and
forced to put her faith back in her own hands.
Rachel Kushner (1968) had an international breakthrough
in 2013 with the novel The Flamethrowers, which was on the
shortlist of the National Book Award and called best book of
the year by several literary critics. She is praised by the
successful combination of political engagement and unforgettable
characters − a combination which Kushner brings to new
heights at Club Mars.
The author will be interviewed in English by Persis Bekkering.

Date: Tuesday 05 June 2018
Start: 20:00
Location: Kerkstraat 11, Den Haag
Entrance fee: € 10,00 (ex. service fee)

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