Bronovo Future

It has been more than three years since the private Haaglanden Medisch Centrum – owner of the hospitals Westeinde, St. Antoniushove and Bronovo – reported that care via HMC will in the future be concentrated in the first two hospitals mentioned and that Bronovo will be closed in 2024. . The site could possibly be sold for (luxury) housing. Although there was an understanding of the need to keep the costs in care in check, a loud protest arose, also from our neighborhood where many residents use Bronovo: enormous capital destruction after recent costly investments in Bronovo, precisely the rather aging neighborhoods near Bronovo need care nearby, and the inaccessibility of Westeinde were some of the counter-arguments of action groups and neighborhood organizations.
It was also difficult to explain that the municipality in our part of The Hague was setting up an “International Zone” that appeals to international organizations and their employees, from which care then disappeared.
In the meantime, there have been all kinds of discussions and based on this, HMC has recently presented a new housing plan. The plan is in line with developments in healthcare and, in the view of the Board of Directors, takes into account a region that is growing and aging. The plan states how the HMC sees the position of its three locations: The basic principle remains that HMC will eventually work towards two main locations: HMC Antoniushove and HMC Westeinde. Highly complex care and acute care are concentrated at HMC Westeinde. This care requires highly specialized staff who must be available 24/7; These include brain haemorrhages and heart attacks. Cancer care is concentrated in HMC Antoniushove. This is where expertise in this field is bundled, in order to offer innovative care, work efficiently and deliver maximum quality.
HMC Bronovo is also part of the housing plan. Until 2030, as now, Bronovo will remain open as a weekly hospital with all current clinical, outpatient and diagnostic facilities for planable care such as orthopedics. This concerns treatments and operations that are not urgent in nature. Together with residents and care partners, such as general practitioners, physiotherapists and home care organizations, plans have been developed for the realization of an innovative range of care, in line with the wishes of patients. This includes space for care from medical specialists to general practitioners. The care needs of (vulnerable) elderly people and patients with chronic conditions receive special attention in this care function and the new care offer.
The implementation of this will start in 2022 developed plans. Because the HMC Bronovo location will retain its function as a weekly hospital until 2030 with all current clinical, outpatient and diagnostic facilities, the implementation of the new, innovative care concept can take place there. Bronovo will also remain available for residents from surrounding neighborhoods after 2030. Patients can therefore visit their trusted doctor in Bronovo for years to come, for example for a pregnancy check, to have a blood sample, for examination or surgery on the knee or hip.
A plan will be drawn up in construction phase 1 for the period after 2030 and the way in which care will be organized and accommodated for the neighbourhoods. drawn up. The aim is that at the end of construction phase 1, the outpatient and diagnostic activities in HMC Bronovo will be given a definitive destination. The housing plan is an intended decision of the board of directors of HMC. It is submitted to various representatives of staff and patients for advice. At the same time, HMC will enter into talks with health insurers and banks to finalize the financing. Following approval from the Supervisory Board in July, the Board of Directors will make a final decision on the plan. The interim result shows that the efforts of the various civil society organizations have not been in vain and that there is in any case a ‘delay’ until 2030. The question that is now being discussed is what profile Bronovo will have after that year and whether and how the innovative concepts that people are talking about are given a place within Bronovo and how they actually respond to the wishes and expectations of the local residents. We will keep you informed periodically and as well as possible.
Jaap Jan Brouwer
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