Exhibition: ‘New York City Views’ in the Klokhuis

30 May 2018 pac
From 4 June to 5 August  Romelia Hamburger will exhibit in the Klokhuis a series of city photographs she made during the 12 years she lived in New York City.

“New York is perhaps not the most beautiful city in the world,” Romelia says, “ but the most versatile and dynamic. Architecturally, it is incredible to see beautiful and ugly mixed together, tight or baroque, almost always interesting. You would not say it with all high-rise buildings, but actually New York is the sum of a large amount of villages, each with its own identity. And, despite the 8 million inhabitants, it is full of places where silence reigns “.

Romelia devotes great care to composition and structure when making her city photos. Everything must match the image.

Drs. R.Hamburger-Martl