Exposition in the Klokhuis

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From October 13 to December 5, Sariven Karamali exhibits in ’t Klokhuis. She was born in 1965, in Suriname. Around the beginning of this century she immigrated to the Netherlands and settled in picturesque The Hague.

Her childhood memories were made in Suriname, a tropical country that is rich in beautiful natural landscapes. This inspired her to delve into western nature upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Sariven is a painter, her style can be characterized as impressionistic with influences of realism. Claude Monet is a founder of this art movement and also a major influence in her work. Her painting style is also influenced by impressive painters such as Rembrandt and van Gogh.

For many, the corona pandemic was a period in which people lost themselves. For Sariven, it was a time to reinvent her painting techniques and master new styles. The majority of her work was realized during the global pandemic and that is what makes her work so characteristic of today’s time.

Her portfolio of paintings includes still lifes, landscapes and portraits.