Haagse C The prize for Cultural Participation

We are looking for the future winners of the C 2020 in The Hague! This year too, this prize for Cultural Participation will be awarded in the last week of June as the conclusion of the icon: the month in which everyone is encouraged to show their talents and arts. With the Haagse C, CultuurSchakel wants to give Haagse projects and initiatives extra recognition for their beautiful work for The Hague and their impact on the city.

For whom?
Do you have or know of a nice art or culture project in The Hague? And does this initiative deserve extra recognition, a free promotional film and a nice cash prize? This year the theme of the Hague C is “Everyone participates”. That is why CultuurSchakel is looking for projects in The Hague that ensure that everyone can enjoy art and culture. Citizens must have actively participated in art and culture.

A professional jury selects four nominees from the submissions. They all receive a professional video of their initiative and the accompanying publicity. The Haagse C has two winners: one is chosen by the jury and the other by the public. The winners will be announced at the end of June during a festive ceremony. In addition to the honor, the winners also receive a nice sum of € 500 to be freely spent by the organization.

Sign up
Do you have or know of a project that has been fully or partially executed by leisure artists in The Hague between March 1, 2019 and March 1, 2020? And does this also fit in with the theme “Everyone participates”? You can register the project via cultuurschakel.nl/haagse-c.

You can nominate your initiative or that of someone else for the C 2020 Hague up to and including 14 March!

Read everything about the Haagse C and register a project on: www.cultuurschakel.nl/haagse-c