Information meeting about the activities on tram line 1 Scheveningseweg

(Below is an excerpt from the letter from the City.  Click on this link for the complete letter in PDF / 1MB)

..12 June 2018

Dear neighbors,
We would like to invite you for an information meeting on Wednesday 27 June about the activities on line I on the Scheveningseweg. Between the Javastraat and the Helmstraat we will replace the tramway from the end of August to mid-December 2018. The foundation of the track has subsided and is due for replacement. At the same time, we make the route suitable for new trams. In this letter you can read more about the activities.

Information Meeting
During this meeting you can get information about the work on line 1. You can ask questions about replacement transport, diversion routes, green areas and work on the track. There is no fixed program; you can just walk in between 5 pm and 8 pm.

Date: Wednesday 27 June 2018
Time: 17.00 – 20.00 
Location: foyer of the Museon, Stadhouderslaan 37 te Den Haag.


(see more information at the website  of the Municipality of The Hague)