Koempoelan Program for 2018

Every second Wednesday of the month from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. A pleasant but often instructive meeting held at Wijkcentrum Het Klokhuis at Celebesstraat 4 The Hague, 070-3503511, organized by Stichting Pelita.
The last meeting on 14 February we celebrated our 20-year existence at the Klokhuis. That was a nice happening with beautiful artists and a large number of visitors. And of course we just continue with our regular meetings on Wednesday afternoons. In March we greeted writer Nadet Somers who will tell us about the experiences of a government woman in the former Dutch East Indies. In April writer Reggie Baay will already have a glimpse into his new book and in May photographer and sociologist Jacintha van Beveren will visit us.

Our admission price is still € 3.50 including a cup of coffee or tea. Of course, the delicious djadjans will not lack. Hopefully for you worth to come on our koempoelan. We cordially invite you and we hope to see you at our meeting.

Wednesday, March 14
Writer Nadet Somers gives a lecture about her great-aunt Ms Alice Mulder-Versteeg (1888-1960). She has lived in many places in the Indian Archipelago as wife of a lieutenant governor. The life of a sailor woman, her experiences in the Second World War and the arrival to the Netherlands. She has experienced special things and corresponded throughout her life with missionaries whom she had come to know in New Guinea.

Wednesday, April 11
Writer, historian and Dutch resident Reggie Baay tells about his new book “The Child with Japanese Eyes”, which will be released in September. It covers the period 45 to 50 (decolonization) and repatriation. He will also present photos from his family archive.

Wednesday, May 9
Photographer and sociologist Jacintha van Beveren, whose photo work is currently on view at the Klokhuis, will tell us about her visit in Indonesia and in particular Celebes, which she did in 2017. There she visited projects that had the purpose of bringing the different religious communities together again. She shows these projects in word and image, naturally including the pieces of the beautiful nature.
The Werkgroep Koempoelan Klokhuis.

(2.20.18 pac)