Line 1 – Renovation of tram rails

The municipality and the HTM will renovate the tram rails of Line 1. The route will be suitable for new low-floor trams and wheelchair-accessible stops will be created. The Scheveningseweg has already been renovated. Now: a part of the Javastraat, the Alexanderstraat including Plein 1813 and the intersection Mauritskade-Parkstraat. At the same time, the sewer system will be partially renovated and there will be more space for cyclists and pedestrians.

The work will start on August 31, 2020 and will last until the summer holidays of 2021. In order to keep accessibility as good as possible and to limit the inconvenience, the work will be carried out in phases. During the works, all buildings will remain accessible to pedestrians and destination traffic, but the buildings will be less accessible.

The global phasing is currently as follows:

  • From August 31 to mid-February 2021, tram line 1 will be out of service and replacement transport will be deployed.
  • From August 31 to mid October 2020, work will be carried out in the Alexanderstraat including Plein 1813, on the Willemsparkbrug and the Javastraat (between Alexanderstraat and Zeestraat).
  • Work will take place in Alexanderstraat from mid-October to mid-January 2021, including Plein 1813 and Willemsparkbrug.
  • From mid-January to mid-February 2021, work will take place in the Alexanderstraat on the section between Plein 1813 and the Mauritskade, on the Willemsparkbrug and at the intersection Mauritskade-Parkstraat.
  • From mid-February to 9 July work will take place in the Alexanderstraat, on the section between Plein 1813 and the Mauritskade, and the last work will be carried out on the Willemsparkbrug. Tram 1 then runs again.