Living Room Bridge in the Archipel

In 2017 a Living room bridge competition  started in our district. As a result of corona, the competition had to be broken off halfway through the season in 2019/2020 and, of course, it was not possible to play last season either. Because everyone will be vaccinated this summer and the system means that you can only bridge with four people in the same room, we expect that it will be possible to start again from 1 November. It is put together as follows:

Once a month you play against a pair. You get the names of your opponents from the organization. You then make an appointment with yourself or at their home. You put the exact date and time in that month in a digital planning schedule.

All other participating pairs play the same games in that month, so that they can be compared against each other.

There are two bridge bags with the same content: they can be picked up and taken to Liesbeth Akkerman-Deen, Malakkastraat 22.

There are 7 rounds from November to June 2022 .

A condition of participation is that at least one of each couple lives in the Archipelago.

Costs : 5 euros per person per season.

If you want to participate, you can get information at: Liesbeth Akkerman (070-30 60 469 ) or

Deadline to submit: 8 October