Lost and found?

Do you know that, too? A jewel.   So a necklace, a ring or a bracelet that you have been wearing for so long that it has become a part of yourself? A jewel that you don’t feel when you wear it, but when it’s no longer there, you feel its loss every moment.

In my case this is a chain. A necklace consisting of a four-leaf clover set with diamonds, with gold rings on both sides and a gold ball at the end.

I lost this necklace on August 9 around 3 pm in the Bankastraat. I came back from the physio where I had to take her off and when I wanted to put her around my neck again, she disappeared. I’ve walked up and down Bankastraat 10 times because I’m sure she must have fallen out of my pocket. Unfortunately no result.

Hoping the honest finder reads this…

Name and contact details known to the editors