Mauritskade: replacement of traffic control systems

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The municipality is replacing the traffic control systems on the Mauritskade – Denneweg from 29 June to 10 July 2020. This could lead to noise nuisance and extra travel time.

Traffic control systems manage the traffic in The Hague. These include traffic lights and everything related to them:

  • junction boxes
  • poles
  • inductive loops (equipment on the road which detects traffic)
  • cables
  • wiring

Traffic control systems 15 years and older run a greater risk of malfunctioning. When a traffic light suddenly stops working, dangerous situations can arise on the road. The municipality is therefore trying to replace the traffic control systems on time.

What will happen?

The municipality will replace the poles and traffic lights on the Mauritskade – Denneweg. It will place new cables and wiring in the ground during the week of Monday, 29 June. The sidewalks will need to be dug up. The municipality will carry out this work in the evening and night (from 20.00 to approximately 4.00 hrs.). There is less traffic at this time of the day and the work can be done more quickly. The builder will not be able to work during the day during peak hours. This would too greatly impact the flow of traffic and the accessibility of the neighbourhood.

The municipality will also install new detection loops in the road. To do this it will have to grind out part of the asphalt. This work can cause noise nuisance and it will take place during the day, outside of peak hours. The municipality will try to limit the amount of inconvenience as much as possible.


The replacement of the traffic control systems will last from Monday, 29 June to Friday, 10 July 2020.


One lane of traffic will remain open during the project so that traffic can drive past the work site. Traffic wardens will ensure an orderly flow of traffic. All of the lanes around the work site will be cleared of obstacles. Motorists will not be permitted to drive faster than 30 kilometres per hour. Factor in extra travel time. Pedestrians will be able to use the sidewalk. It will be narrower, however. Homes and businesses will remain accessible to pedestrians.


The municipality will do everything within its power to ensure safety during the roadworks. Work sites nevertheless remain dangerous spots. You are advised to warn children to stay away from the work site.

More information

  • Do you have questions or remarks about the project? Then you can contact the municipality’s project leader Barbara van der Stoep, on tel. 06-57 87 52 41.
  • For all other questions you can contact the municipality via