More than 50 energy coaches from The Hague


help neighbors save on their energy bills

press release (pdf)

The need to take sustainable steps is increasing every day. Rising gas prices in combination with poorly insulated houses sometimes even prevent people from paying their energy bills. The role of the energy coach is becoming increasingly important, because people often do not know exactly what a sensible step is in making their home more sustainable. An energy coach is an independent, voluntary neighbor who has undergone intensive training. He/she is familiar with the type of houses in a certain neighbourhood, knows which sustainability measures are sensible and is aware of developments in the neighbourhood. In The Hague, there are now 52 energy coaches active in 9 districts under the name The Hague Energy Savings Approach (HEBA), and more and more districts are being added.

And now get started
There are several options for residents from The Hague to get started with an energy coach
to go. First of all, you can request a meeting with an energy coach from your neighbourhood. You can do that via the page

The coaches know the neighborhood and go out with knowledge, experience and examples
their own neighborhood in discussion with neighbors about making their homes more sustainable. Is it for example wise to start with insulation or do you go on the roof together to see if there are solar panels
can lie down? In a neighbor to neighbor kitchen table conversation, an energy coach discusses all needs
of the resident and includes this in a meeting report. This allows the resident to get started on the
to get the house off the gas.

On Tuesday, October 26, the energy coaches are organizing a free, public webinar about everything
Residents of The Hague can do with their roof. Think of solar panels, green roofs or roof insulation.
The webinar is intended for all residents in The Hague. You can register via the online form or a
mail to