Municipality sends new Hague waste card

The municipality sends a new pass, because not every household has a waste card. If you live with several people at 1 address you have to do together with 1 waste card.

New waste card

The new waste card is a plastic card. You can throw away the old paper card with the old paper.

Did you not receive a new waste card on 31 March 2018? You can request a new pass on the Waste Pass .

Waste pass

Access to the waste disposal stations

The Hague waste card gives you access to the municipality’s waste collection stations. At a refuse collection station, you can bring waste that is too large for your garbage bag, mini-container or the underground residual waste container. Think of garden waste or an old bank, cupboard or washing machine.

Separating waste

The waste disposal stations also play an important role in the separation of waste. All material that you bring to the refuse collection station is processed separately as much as possible. That is good for the environment. For example, you can go to a refuse collection station for returning paint residue, grease, soil, soil and sand, horse manure and batteries. Check which materials you can return at any refuse collection station to bulky waste or dispose of garden waste .


20 February 2018  pac