Music theater Lof der Rede – Spinoza


The aim of the Hague philosopher Spinoza’s (1632-1677) was to make people happier by opening up a world of thought in which there is room for tolerance, tolerance and control of emotions. Virtues that are under pressure, especially now, 350 years later.

Lof der Rede interprets Spinoza’s ideas with music and song, with humor and emotion

Praise of Reason is a current allegory: a theater form in which human qualities are depicted as characters. Father Ratio constantly tells his family why they should live with reason: common sense. His wife Crazy (character ‘Foolishness’ from ‘Lof der Zotheid’ by Erasmus) is always discussing with him, as are his son Hunker (life drive) and daughter Joy (joy). Together with other characters such as Ego, Wil (free will), Roelet (coincidence) and Smart (sadness), they bring the character game to life. This reality show is full of singing, with nine songs and with satirical intermezzos by the three DemoGratiën.

October 27-28-29  •  November 3-4-5 2022 | Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27 | Start: 20:00 and drinks in the foyer: 21:30 Ticket: € 24,50 including 1 drink | book in time:


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