Name change: “De Zalen” is now called “Het Vreedehuis”

The Vreedehuis is a Center for art and culture, meeting and connection.

The Vreedehuis has multifunctional rooms for all kinds of meetings, such as concerts, workshops, lectures, etc. There is a lunch bar where you can walk in almost every day and enjoy a delicious coffee, a meal and a nice atmosphere. There is also an open studio for visual art, where you can try out anything without obligation and under professional supervision. On the second floor is a library with a public reading table and a lending counter.

Feel welcome to come and have a look around, and have a chat. The Vreedehuis would also like to fulfill a neighborhood function. We like to hear what people are involved in, so that we can connect to them with our themes and activities.

Look on our website for more information and photos.  Consult our Agenda for public activities. Follow highlights on Facebook. Subscribe to our Nieuwsbrief, the first will soon appear.

The Vreedehuis is located in a beautiful Hague manor house at Riouwstraat 1, a stone’s throw from the Peace Palace. Previously, the Eurythmic Academy and the De Zalen cultural center were established here for a while. Last year the building was purchased by the Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands, and it has been renovated internally. Since January 2018 the house has been reopened with extra facilities and a new élan!

Social function & art

With the Vreedehuis we want to initiate activities and open encounters, with a view to a sustainable and liveable world, in which people find connection. Connection with each other, but also with your own inner world, and with different perspectives from which the world can be understood. To be able to find your own contribution, to join forces, and to become creative.

For that we want to use a lot of artistic means. Because art touches you. Very directly. Everybody. Regardless of background or life vision. Art opens worlds, brings to light stories, brings mobility into your way of looking and thinking, forges new ties, creates trust … Art brings together … Art of Society!

Elisabeth Vreede

The full name is ‘Elisabeth Vreedehuis’, named after Elisabeth Vreede. She was a philosopher, mathematician and astronomer from The Hague (1879-1943). Her motivation was to provide a connection between ‘heaven and earth’.

As the stars offer fixed orientation points, so we as humans can also discover our inner landmarks, and from there together give direction to a human and earthly existence. For example, Elisabeth Vreede is symbolic of inspiration, say ‘star dust’, for the search that we want to continue in our present time to ‘essential connections’ and ‘new connections’.

General information; The Vreedehuis, Riouwstraat 1, 2585 GP The Hague, Tel. 070-3550039, Email The other links are already mentioned in the article.

Opening hours: Lunch cafe: Wed-Sat. from 10 to 17 hours, and di. from 11 am to 5 pm, Reception: Mon-Fri. from 10 am to 5 pm, Atelier: Wed and Thurs.  Room rental: every day. Ask about the attractive rental prices, arrangements and cooperation possibilities.

20 March 2018 pac