Neighborhood newspaper looking for delivery people

for LAAN COPES VAN CATTENBURCH (even or odd side,
in consultation with the other delivery person)
± 70 addresses, time required for delivery per edition: ± 25 min.

for the ATJEHSTRAAT + BATJANSTRAAT between Atjehstraat and Riouwstraat,
± 175 addresses. Delivery time ± 1 hour.
It is possible to divide the delivery between 2 deliverers: from Koninginnegracht to
Batjanstraat and from Bankastraat to Batjanstraat (+ each 1 side of the Batjanstraat)

The local newspaper is published 5 times a year.
In 2021 the newspaper will be published 1 more time: on 25/11
In 2022 the newspaper will be published on: 17/2, 21/4, 16/6, 22/9, 24/11.
The newspaper can be picked up at the Klokhuis, Celebesstraat 4