Out together, enjoy together with the Celebrate Life Foundation!

‘Out together, enjoy together’, that is the motto of charity organization Vier het Leven. Now that the entire cultural sector is open again and no more measures apply, the volunteers of Stichting Vier het Leven are back on the road and ensure that the elderly can enjoy a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening out!

All elderly people who like to enjoy a nice theater performance, a beautiful concert, a visit to a museum or a beautiful film together with others can sign up at Vier het Leven. Celebrate Life is a charity organization that takes elderly people out with the help of volunteers. Because it is not easy for every culture lover to go out. Going alone, arranging tickets or transport is often a stumbling block for the elderly.

Vier het Leven organizes fully catered cultural outings throughout the year and arranges everything, so that the elderly can enjoy carefree; the transport, seats in the foyer, the entrance tickets, the drinks and pleasant company. Going out together is simply much more fun. For more information, please call the national telephone number 035 5245156 or visit the website


Volunteers wanted!

Celebrate Life is still looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to accompany guests during their trips and who want to join the current team. A volunteer from Vier het Leven picks up a maximum of three guests at home with their own car, offers a supporting arm where necessary and also keeps them company during the theater performance, film, concert or museum visit. Before and during the break we have a nice drink together. Do you own a 5-door car with passenger insurance that preferably also fits a walker and would you like to contribute to a meaningful activity for the elderly? Then quickly register as a volunteer. Interested parties can register with the South Holland regional coordinator of Vier het Leven, Nancy Jansen (nancy@4hetleven.nl).