People who cannot go to test centers – home tests are possible

The following message was sent to the Residents’ Organization with the request to put it on the website.

Dear Board of Residents Organization Archipel & Willemspark,

Thank you very much for your message.

We are currently developing several test locations. This also specifically looks at your neighborhood.
Regarding older residents who are unable to come to a test street themselves: it has been possible to get a home test since the start of testing. This test is specific for people from a vulnerable target group (including the sick and the elderly) who are unable to take a test outside the home.

Due to a limited capacity, this home test is really intended for anyone who cannot come to the test street in any other way.

To request a home test, the citizen in question must call the appointment line (0800-1202) and indicate in the conversation that mister / madam cannot go to the test street due to age or illness. The question will be asked whether there is anyone in the close vicinity who may have a car – in order to preserve home testing opportunities for those who need it most.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently.

Municipality of The Hague
Education, Culture and Welfare Service [Dienst Onderwijs Cultuur en Welzijn]
Westeinde 128
2512 HE Den Haag