Pick up Ja/Ja sticker or have it sent to you

courtesy of denhaag.nl

Residents will still receive unaddressed advertising leaflets as of 1 July 2020 only if they place a Ja/Ja sticker on their letterbox.

Pick up stickers or order by mail

You can pick up the stickers as of 2 June at the city district offices in Escamp (Leyweg City Office), Haagse Hout, Laak and Centrum (City Hall Spui). Would you rather receive the sticker in the mail? Send an email to jajasticker@denhaag.nl.

The information and assistance centres in the city district offices are closed until further notice. You can therefore ask the security officers for the stickers.

Exceptions to the new rule

Some forms of unaddressed advertising fall outside the new measure. For example, free newspapers and letters from the municipality or from a network operator.

What does each sticker mean?

The new system will allow people to still receive free newspapers unless they have a Nee/Nee sticker on their letterbox. Do you currently have a Nee/Nee sticker or Nee/Ja sticker? These stickers will remain in force.

On your letterbox You get
Ja/Ja sticker advertising and free newspapers
no sticker or the Nee/Ja sticker free newspapers, no advertising
Nee/Nee sticker no advertising and no free newspapers

Minimising paper waste

The goal of this sticker is to minimise the amount of paper wasted. Advertising leaflets often end up being tossed away unread in the paper bin or in the regular household waste.

More information

More information can be found at denhaag.nl/jajasticker (in Dutch).