Recovery scheme IMPULS!

€250,000 municipal subsidy for leisure arts in The Hague available

In the coming months CultuurSchakel will distribute an amount of more than € 250,000 that has been made available by the municipality of The Hague. With this special recovery scheme IMPULS! The Hague providers of cultural practice in leisure time will receive an impulse to recover from the consequences of the corona crisis.

With IMPULSE! The cultural and creative leisure art sector in The Hague can cope with the consequences of the corona crisis and also develop resilience to make its own organization agile and resilient for the future. For subsidy from IMPULS! different types of cultural providers are eligible: associations, foundations, as well as self-employed persons and the so-called ‘informal groups’ that are active in the field of leisure art in The Hague can appeal to the scheme.

Apply a request
An application can be submitted to CultuurSchakel between 15 June and 15 July 2022. A maximum of € 2,000 is available per request. So be quick, because gone = gone.
More information and the full text of the Impulse Scheme can be found at www.cultuur The application form can also be downloaded from this web page from 15 June.

About CultureSwitch
Art and culture is invaluable to our city. Our mission is that everyone in The Hague can experience what it is like to practice art themselves and to be enriched by the art of others. That is why CultuurSchakel is working on a good, diverse, inclusive and lively climate in The Hague within art and culture, both at school and in leisure time. CultuurSchakel takes you further in art and culture in The Hague.