Servicepunt XL The Hague offers assistance via LiveChat

‘Do you want to chat with a professional social worker?
Are you bothered by something and can’t solve it yourself? ‘
This is how the chat text on the website starts. The new website offers residents of The Hague, young and old, the opportunity to chat online with a social worker or client support.

This chat support is free and anonymous. By clicking on the chat window on the website, you can ask questions or discuss a problem during chat office hours (and daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from June). “In the chat you view and discuss with the professional, possible solutions or answers,” says Tamara Jansen, digitization project leader at Xtra, the organization that developed the website.

Which questions can you use to chat?
“You can ask anything in principle. Are there any thoughts or feelings that you are struggling with? Have you experienced anything that you can’t talk to anyone about? You can talk about it anonymously and confidently on chat, “she continues. “Our Servicepunt XL offer help and support with questions about care, work, money matters, welfare, living and volunteering. You can of course also visit the chat for more practical questions. ”

Digital supplement

The website was launched in December, as the online access to the 17 XL ServicePunts in The Hague and Scheveningen. You can also find all sorts of other information via the Service Desk XL website, such as addresses, services and activities. Look directly on the website which ServicePunt XL is closest to you.

Help with solving problems

“What we hope to achieve? That people that sit with something and want to discuss that with confidence, don’t get stuck with it. Very often problems get bigger quickly if you don’t look for a solution. That happens with young and old. With the chat function we want to help people in a quickly accessible way to resolve concerns and problems. ”

Chat with a professional? Go to and open the chat at the bottom right of the page.