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Solo theater with violin music 15, 22 and 29 October 2021 (pdf)
In the monumental Kloosterkerk on the Lange Voorhout, the actor plays Jaap van Dis the role of the 17th century freethinker Spinoza. With seriousness and some humor he tells about his groundbreaking ideas and how they were opposed by church and state. In the performance all important events and ideas of Spinoza are reviewed. His Jewish descent, his youth in Amsterdam, his friends, including Christiaan Huygens and the many foreign contacts that Spinoza maintained. We follow Spinoza from Amsterdam via Rijnsburg to Voorburg and The Hague, the city where he lived for 7 years and died in 1677 in his attic room on the Paviljoensgracht.

He also discusses his most important works, including his life’s work ‘Ethics’, guide to personal happiness. In between he works on his lens grinder and sometimes he starts a song, a Sephardic melody, with a poetic text about his philosophical themes. The songs are accompanied by a concert violinist Janneke van Prooijen. As an intermezzo she will perform the Solo Violin Sonata by composer Willem Pijper.

The combination of play, music and the historic Kloosterkerk guarantees an inspiring theater experience!

Playing: Jaap van Dis  I  Violin music: Janneke van Prooijen  I  Director: Gerard Nelck  I  Texts: Piet Bogaards

Walk-in              19:30 hrs
Theater            20:00 – 21:00
Closing         21:05 – 22:00, with free drink

The entrance fee is € 19.50 p.p.   There are a limited number of places, please reserve in time.

Reservations: https://www.spinozadenhaag.nl/spinoza-den-haag-oktober-2021/

Website: https://www.spinozadenhaag.nl/

The performance is part of the new culture program SPINOZA THE HAGUE #OCTOBER 2021