St. Matthew’s Passion – on March 23rd

On Friday, March 23, in the Nieuwe Badkapel, Nieuwe Parklaan 90, the Mattheus Passion will be performed by the Hague Baroque Society led by Gilles Michels. Tickets are 25 euros (including consumption) at the following addresses: on our website, Albersen Music in Valeriusstraat 12, Boekhandel Scheveningen, Keizerstraat 50 and on March 23 from 18 o’clock in the church. I have to discourage you from this, because last year there was no longer a ticket for that time.

As soloists there are: Bart van Lieshout, tenor as evangelist, Tim Maas, bass (Christ), Nikki Treurniet, soprano, Jasper Dijkstra, tenor, Berend Eijkhout, Bas and the Hague Children’s Choir.

20 February 2018   pac