Successful information afternoon “Technology for Home”

On Thursday, 28 April, there was an information afternoon “Technology for the Home” from 14:00 to 16:00. Requested by Rijker Leven and held in the Schakelpunt.

About 13 people attended this information afternoon given by Leroy and 2 ambassadors from IZI (Bea and Coen)

We received explanations about these technological matters, among other things.


(This is a series of videos that you can watch explaining the different technologies in the home.)

There is also a house completely furnished with these aids.
visiting address
iZi experience home
Steenhouwersgaarde 15th
2542 AA The Hague

Closer to the neighborhood there is a technotheque – where they also have a lot of these kinds of things.
visiting address
The Technotheek is located in the thrift store Schroeder van der Kolk
Torenstraat 2
2513 BS The Hague

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