The Hague has a new professional eurythmy dance company

Vreedehuis, Riouwstraat 1 Den Haag Map

Since September 2021, the Netherlands has had a young and professional eurythmy dance company. We are called DeDae, which stands for Dutch Eurythmy Dance Ensemble and are located in The Hague in the Elisabeth Vreedehuis.

The ensemble consists of six young, very talented dancers named Marthy Hecker, Tatjana Rudenko, Marie-Pierre Murigneux, Roos de Vries, Susanne Visbeen and Juliette Reijnen. Some have just completed their bachelor’s degree in Dance/Eurhythmy at the Hogeschool Leiden, others have been performing abroad for a few years. These young dancers were looking for an ensemble in which they could develop into professional eurythmy dancers. DeDae is the only place where this is possible in the Netherlands. An enrichment for the dancers and the Dutch cultural landscape. We chose The Hague as a dance city and because The Hague previously housed the eurythmy academy.

We move, we dance. We are guided by the rhythm of today and tomorrow. We work with knowledge of tradition, but choose innovation out of curiosity. Openly and intuitively, we allow ourselves freedom. Free to be open to new forms, to new collaborations, new encounters. In which we welcome everyone to become part of us. We are teacher and student, performer and audience. We learn and pass on. We show and look. We are going for the highest thing eurythmy can give us and our audience: movement.

DeDae dances current affairs; the corona crisis has woken us up to ourselves. Connection and isolation are central to the search for what is important for people.

The try-out will take place in our rehearsal house on February 19 from 20:00-21:00 pm Vreedehuis (Riouwstraat 1). Via tickets can be reserved for €10 each.
Tickets are also available at the door.