The Hague Red Cross is looking for new volunteer trainees

The Red Cross The Hague-Rijswijk believes that The Hague should be well prepared for emergencies. That is why the local department is looking for volunteers who provide information about this.

Local campaign to recruit (volunteer) trainees
From October 14 to November 14, the Hague Red Cross is organizing a local recruitment campaign to recruit new volunteer trainees. The The Hague-Rijswijk department wants to provide information to as many residents of The Hague as possible about how to prepare properly for calamities. The Hague Red Cross provides training and information on location. Often the importance of good preparation only becomes clear when it is too late.

Are you well prepared for an emergency?
Suppose a fire breaks out. What do you take with you if you only have one minute to leave your house?
How quickly do you leave your home? Have you brought items that help you survive? And the children or the cat, have you thought of that? Would a plan have helped in advance? Discover how well prepared you are for an emergency, it can change your life.

Register as a trainer (voluntary)
We at the Red Cross in The Hague believe that everyone in The Hague should be well prepared for calamities. That is why we are looking for volunteers who want to provide information about this. Together with volunteers from the Well Prepared team you provide information and training, in which we make people aware of risks such as heat, falls, fire, burglary or how you can ask for help. In addition to your studies or job, do you want to work for charity? Register soon at the Hague Red Cross via or 070.3505333.