The summer edition is coming

Robert van Asten also gave his attic a makeover so that he could work from home in recent months. For a moment, the councilor for mobility was less mobile. Therefore, he had enough time for Haagse Historie.

Although Van Asten would have liked to walk around during the great expansions of the nineteenth century, he realizes that The Hague has remained compact. As a result, you can get everywhere by bicycle, but the streets are full of cars. The solution: cars off the street and plenty of room for the bicycle. Fortunately, cycling is no longer a hobby of the elite, such as the late nineteenth century. He went out in clubs to stretch the legs, with regular stops for an (preferably alcoholic) snack – the number of accidents was therefore large.

You can read about it in this issue, the theme of which is dedicated to the city on the move. History enthusiast Van Asten is our guest editor.

We also explain why The Hague has two equivalent stations, how the Romans were able to traverse this area and what has moved on the Binnenhof over the years – from controversial carriages to a cycling Prime Minister. The section Earlier Heard is about the Spanish flu of 1918. Come on, you can go to a museum, which we support in this issue with extra attention.

In the summer issue of The Hague History you can read the following topics:

Councilor Robert van Asten:
‘Den Haag is te klein voor al die auto’s.’  [“The Hague is too small for all those cars.”]

Treinen naar de hofstad
Hoe komt Den Haag aan twee stations?  [How does The Hague get two stations?]

Van tractor tot fiets: Beweging op het Binnenhof [From tractor to bicycle: Movement on the Binnenhof]

Romeinse wegen
Den Haag was uitstekend te bereiken  [The Hague was easy to reach]

Ik was erbij
Ruim baan voor de fiets [Make way for the bike]

De buitenschool & Bier om in te bijten [The outdoor school & Beer to bite into]

Een hofje aan het eerste Haagse woonerf [A courtyard at the first Hague residential area]

Wapenborden van het Gulden Vlies
Riddertop in the Grote Kerk

Eerder gehoord
Geen gewoon griepje. Over de Spaanse griep in 1918  [No ordinary flu. About the Spanish flu in 1918]

Alleen voor de rijken
Opkomst en ondergang van de Haagse privébanken  [The rise and fall of private banks in The Hague]

Professor Cleveringa & Draag bij aan de Corona-collectie  [Professor Cleveringa & Contribute to the Corona collection]

Twee jongens op een podium.  [Two boys on a stage.]