Relaxation measures against corona

Fourth step opening plan as of June 26 June 24, 2021

Dear Madam, Sir,

Another press conference was held on June 18. The cabinet has announced the important fourth step of the opening plan. From June 26, all doors will be open, with one and a half meters away remaining the all-determining standard. In this newsletter we list the changes that are relevant to you.

Full opening

From 26 June, everything will be open with regular opening hours. However, a number of conditions still apply for both indoor and outdoor spaces. In areas where people have a fixed seat, people must be placed with a distance of one and a half meters from each other. This means that the tables and chairs should be far enough apart. Registration and a check conversation remain mandatory. In areas where people do not have a permanent place, the so-called “flow-through locations” (such as the Service Points XL), a maximum capacity of 1 visitor per 5m2 applies.

With these relaxations, it is important to continue to comply with the basic rules. In addition to keeping the one and a half meters, this means:

  • Hygiene remains important.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.

Do you have any complaints? Stay home and get tested for corona immediately.

Face masks

The mouth cap obligation is largely canceled. Only where the one and a half meters can’t be maintained, the mouth cap obligation will continue to apply. This is the case in passenger transport, in public transport and at designated places around public transport, such as stations. Also in secondary education, the mask obligation will continue to apply outside the classroom in the school building until the summer holidays.

Working in the office. The advice ‘Work at home, unless there is no other option’ will also be cancelled. Employees and volunteers who still work from home may also work in the office for a maximum of half of their time in consultation with their employer. Please note that the one and a half meter rule must be maintained in the office, also in the elevator or the canteen.

Home visits

Case managers, municipality, the CJG and the WMO district teams still use an adapted service. This means that our case managers still occasionally make home visits. The interests of the resident are paramount. We are looking at how we can also implement the relaxation in our services.

Corona information and puncture points in the neighborhoods

GGD Haaglanden has started corona information points in the neighbourhoods. Local residents aged 18 and over, who do not yet have another injection appointment, can ask questions there to experts from the GGD, make an appointment for a corona jab or immediately get a corona jab. GGD Haaglanden is committed to the following:

  • June 24 and 25 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Neighborhood House Mandelaplein
  • June 26 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.Heeswijkplein (punch box)
  • June 27 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Zuiderpark

Where can you go for questions? Do you have questions about the applicable measures? Visit the website of the national government (Coronavirus COVID-19 | and the municipality of The Hague ( for frequently asked questions. You can also always contact your contact person within the municipality of The Hague.

As of June 26 we will enter a new phase. We will of course inform you again when the 1.5 meters away no longer needs to be observed and the mouth cap obligation is completely ended.

We wish you good luck with the full opening and have a nice summer.

Sincerely, Steven Broers Municipality of The Hague Public affairs Director of Districts and Districts