Walking Dinner

After two years, the eighth Walking Dinner finally took place on Saturday 26 March. The familiar formula proved its worth again: local residents serve one, two or three homemade courses in their own house, to a different group of neighbours each course. With about 180 participating neighbours, the enthusiasm to take part as a guest or as a (parttime) cook was as great as ever! The participants were diverse: old and young, long-time residents or recent additions to our neighbourhood. The enthusiastic response showed that the attendees enjoyed a delicious and fun evening, where they met other neighbours in an easily accessible way.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the Walking Dinner became more visible everyday as posters appeared behind the windows of participating addresses and local sponsors. For the cooks, the anticipation began at the wine tasting, where they received advice on matching wines to their dishes. Recipes were collected, dishes pre-cooked and the organisation worked out a personal itinerary for everyone.

This year, the evening began with a kick-off drink at various cultural locations in the neighbourhood: guests and cooks enjoyed a first bite and drink with local artists Irma den Hertog and Sabine Miesen, at Atelier Banka, Prinses Christina Concours, Couperus Museum or the Vreedehuis. This was a great opportunity to take a look inside places we regularly pass by on foot or by bike.

After the drinks, the guests moved on to the addresses of the home cooks. Each course, they rang the doorbell of a different house in the neighbourhood, to join a new group of neighbours at beautifully laid tables. The cooks had went all out to serve surprising dishes: from meat to vegan, asparagus to trifles… For each guest a different combination of dishes and for each cook changing guests at each course. There was universal appreciation for the way the cooks created a wonderful evening in their own way, making each course a new experience. At the end of the evening everyone joined for a final round of drinks at La Brasserie to share experiences and continue conversations, and of course the cooks were given an extra round of applause.

The organisation (since this year formally established in a foundation) is already looking ahead to the 2023 edition. There are also plans to organise a Sunday lunch in the autumn at an outdoor location in our neighbourhood. Please check www.willemarchipel.nl for updates on the activities of the foundation or send a message to info@willemarchipel.nl to be included in the mailing list. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Anne Martens