We can go again!

After 3 years, the Netherlands is getting ready to celebrate King’s Day again with full dedication!

The Orange Committee Archipel has dusted off the script for 2019 and is meeting weekly again and is brimming with energy to organize an old-fashioned cozy King’s Day celebration on Bankaplein on Wednesday 27 April.

The preparations are in full swing. A sneak peek of the veil: free market on and around the square, several artists, lots of entertainment for the little ones, the traditional street football tournament for the coveted trophy, the best DJ in The Hague and surroundings and of course a cozy drink & barbecue. In addition to the festivities, we will also pay appropriate attention to the situation in Ukraine.

Every Saturday in April you can renew your membership of the Orange Association and buy BBQ tickets at the Orange Committee stand in Bankastraat.

Please do not park your car on the Bankaplein and the last part of the 4 streets on the evening before King’s Day, so that we have the space to celebrate together.

We are still looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us on the day. You can register via Oranjecomitearchipel@gmail.com. A social drink will be organized for the volunteers on Tuesday 26 April.

Then another appeal to the residents in the surrounding streets of Bankaplein: hang out the flag on April 27 and let it flutter happily! Together we will make it a great party!

Elsken Verkoren & Klaas Kout — Oranje Comité Archipel