Yoga in the park

We can go out and move again, which requires yoga in the park. The period of sitting still and turning inside is over. The tensions that have built up in the body can be released again. Yoga does this in a gentle way, everything can come loose again; while you feel the sun on your skin and hear the birds singing around you in the middle of the trees. With the beautiful weather of the past few days, it is expected that every weekend is feasible.
Saturday morning from 9:30 – 10:45 a wonderful hatha yoga class, everyone can join. The lesson is a quiet lesson for young and old. The 1.5 meter is easily achievable with yoga and therefore in these times a nice form of exercise with the right balance between strength train, create space in the body and head and breathe deeply in the fresh air.

To prevent that we come together with too many people, send a short email in advance in which you indicate that you want to participate. Disinfectant and cloth are also provided so that you can clean your hands at all times.

What: hatha yoga class, every Saturday 9:30 am – 10:45 am

Where: Park Oostduin, grass field at Oostduinlaan 2, next to scouting Stanley 55
How: based on donation, 50% goes to charity

Bring your own yoga mat and a blanket, put on layers so that you are dressed in both warm and colder weather.