No underground parking in Balistraat/Koninginnegracht gardens?

In 2008 the trees, including an ancient copper beech, in the gardens of 83 Balistraat and 63/64 Koninginnegracht were felled. None of the neighbours had been informed and it was too late to lodge an objection. Enquiries made at city hall provided the following details: the soil had to be decontaminated because the owner wanted to construct an underground parking garage in the garden. There was time for the neighbours to lodge an objection to the latter, but to no avail. The objection was rejected and the building permit granted.

Now, three years later, Mr. van Mullen of the DSO (Department of Urban Development) confirmed that the decontamination has still not been carried out nor has the underground garage been constructed. If the owner still intends to build the underground parking garage, a request for a new building permit will have to be submitted.

N.B. Public inspection of building plans in our neighbourhood is no longer possible at the city hall or the sub-municipal office at Leyweg 813.

ET, July 2011