Number plate parking system for visitors

The system for activating and deactivating visitor’s parking in The Hague is about to change. The new registration system was introduced in Rustenburg-Oostbroek on 17 May 2016. Starting on Monday, 18 July residents of parking permit areas in the Archipelbuurt, Benoordenhout, Bezuidenhout, Heesterbuurt, Bloemenbuurt, Vruchtenbuurt and Mient to Volendamlaan can register and  deregister their visitor parking online or by telephone.

The new registration system will be introduced in the remaining permit areas in The Hague on Monday, 5 September 2016. The Mensenrechtenbuurt (Houtwijk) will follow as of 3 October 2016.

Residents of Rustenburg-Oostbroek will no longer need a visitor’s pass. Instead the municipality will introduce a number plate parking system for visitors. This means they can activate and deactivate their parking session using their car’s number plate. If you do not live in Rustenburg-Oostenbroek or in the Mensenrechtenbuurt, then you can register your visitors in a different way.

Registering your visitors requires your registration number, PIN code and the car’s number plate. You can register your visitor’s number plate online or by telephone. You can find the instructions under Register and deregister visitor parking in Rustenburg-Oostbroek and Mensenrechtenbuurt.

You will no longer be able to use the visitor’s parking pass or parking permit for caregivers. Parking wardens will scan your visitor’s number plate to determine if it has been registered in the system. If the number plate has not been registered, your visitor could get a parking fine.

The number of hours of parking per year (parking credit) remains unchanged.
Unused parking hours cannot be carried over from year to year. They will automatically be cancelled at the end of the year. The start and end date of the permit year can be found under Extend parking permit.
The days and times paid parking is in effect can differ per street. Pay attention to where your visitors park and whether their parking session needs to be registered.

The new visitor’s parking system guarantees your visitor’s privacy. Information about number plates will be used only to check whether the car has paid for parking. The recorded data will be expunged a maximum of 48 hours after the parking session has been deactivated.

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