Obervations 22 – Sovereign

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Recently De Volkskrant devoted a whole page to Louis Couperus and to the house where he wrote “Eline Vere”: Surinamestraat 20.  There used to be a foundation that tried to raise money to buy the house. Without success. After that it tried to attach a plaquette to the front wall. Again without success, because the owner refused to cooperate. The owner is the state of Egypt and the building once was the ambassador’s residence.

Now there  happens to be a debate going on about financial support for Egypt.  A good lobbyist knows how to let such a debate work to one’s advantage. The chairman of the late foundation does not seem to be inclined to stoop to any such action and that is probably quite in the spirit of the much-admired author.

Remains the question who brought this item to the attention of De Volkskrant.

17 January 2013, FH