Observations 19: More and more detectives

These days the main character in a detective novel usually is a grumpy eccentric. That used to be different. There was, for instance, Chief Constable Aremberg, created by Pim Hofdorp. Aremberg had his office in what until recently was Police Headquarters Haaglanden and he was like a father to his men.

In “Alarm in de Archipel” author Pim Hofdorp makes his main character roam Archipel and Willemspark until he gets a brilliant idea. The “Police Headquarters” may no longer be called by that name, but on the other hand all of the Criminal Investigation Department will soon be housed there. So the sleuths remain and even more might be coming.

The books of Pim Hofdorp (penname of Wilhelm Gustav Kierdorff 1912-1984) are still in print and can be bought at De Vulpen, Frederik Hendriklaan 181.

(www.devulpen.nl ).
27 November 2012, Frits Hoorweg