Open Letter after two Accidents Bankastraat


Ladies and Gentlemen Politicians

This summer a person was killed on Bankastraat by a lorry supplying supermarket AH. Our Prime Minister was  witness to this fatal accident. The question is now: what will you do about it? AH is supplied by huge lorries that do not belong in a residential area. Before they can unload these lorries have to manoeuvre on a small and busy junction. They have to drive backwards into Sumatrastraat, contrary to the no-entrance-sign! These lorries do this st every other workday. Traffic on Bankastraat often breaks the speedlimit and there are a great many bicycles. Recently an AH lorry drove into Butchery Matla. As far as I know there were no casualties. Two serious accidents in a few months time.

Some suggestions:

1. No-entry into Bankastraat for heavy freight-traffic

2. Permit for AH for smaller lorries only

3. AH must not be allowed grow any larger

4. Make the high end of Bankastraat narrow and take measures to dicourage through-traffic

5. Bankastraat 30 km zone

I am looking forward to hear from you what you will to in order to prevent further accidents.

Yours sincerely,

E. van Hoorn, Bankastraat 112, 2585ES Den Haag

22 July 2013