Ornamental pear trees along Frederikstraat

The trees on Frederikstraat will be replaced. Their roots are pushing up the sidewalks and the result is a dangerous situation. The Municipality recently held a survey among the residents to choose from three tree species. 350 Residents and shop owners received a letter, 63 of them brought out their vote: 45 people voted for the ornamental pear, 3 for the magnolia, 13 for the prunus and 2 voters had no preference.

After the summer holiday the old trees will be removed and the plant holes for the new trees will be dug. The sidewalk will be repaired. Until then the Municipality will have the broken stretches of pavement removed and the holes filled up with so-called cold asphalt. In the new planting season (between November 2017 and April 2018) the new trees will be planted.

15 May 2017,  A&W Working Group Public Space