Painting sale Willemstraat 60a on 7 and 8 April ’18

On Saturday 7 April and Sunday 8 April 2018 a large auction of paintings will take place from 10 am to 3 pm in the Maria ten Hovezaal of this church at Willemstraat 60a.

The proceeds of this will be credited to the Caritas of St. Jacobus de Meerdere.

In this way it is still possible to actually help people who come to this church for help. Sometimes this is in the form of financial support, but sometimes it can also be helped in another way by approaching the right official bodies. For example, people who face problematic debts are sometimes brought into contact with the Schuldhulpmaatje Foundation.

The works that will be offered for sale are divided into two groups, namely in a group, whose sales price starts at € 25 to a maximum of € 500 and a second group with works, the price of which is on request.

Some names of artists from the first group, of which a large number – preferably more than 100 – are offered for sale: Theophile de Bock, Herman Bogman, Frida Holleman, Willem Bastiaan Tholen, Rudolf de Bruijn Ouboter and many by Sierk Schröder . In both groups there are works by artists who are reckoned to the Hague School and the Laren School. It is also nice to see that there is one work of art, made by the painter Johannes Bosboom (1817-1884), which bears the title “the Orphanage in Naarden”, which at the time was hung on the wall with Hendrik Willem Mesdag.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to purchase one or more good and honest works for the benefit of Caritas. It is not possible to pay with a debit card.

Ruud van Ruijven
Working group Caritas St. Jacobus de Meerdere