Paintings by Merijn Kolkman in the Klokhuis from January 20th to March 17th

From January 20th to March 17th, the Klokhuis will display the paintings by Scheveningen artist Merijn Kolkman. His paintings reveal a clear choice for the landscape; mainly landscapes that are filled with almost architectural tree groups. Yet the evoked image gives an almost infinite feeling of space, just as the artist himself likes to see. He wants the viewer to have the wish to become part of the landscape and to experience the tranquility that goes out of nature. There is already enough chaos in the world.

The landscapes seem to have been made in a certain place, but are not a reality. They only come from the imagination of the artist.

Merijn Kolkman works mainly with acrylic paints. His work is colorful, but sometimes also surprisingly black-and-white. He would like to show what he means, using a touch of impressionism. He received his education at the Kunstacademie Haarlem Leiden. Paintings

1.17.19 pac