Panorama Mesdag receives private donation

Pieter de Josselin de Jong (Sint-Oedenrode 1861-1906 Amsterdam)
Londen: koetsjes in de mist, 1888
gesigneerd en gedateerd, linksonder: ‘P. de Josselin / de Jong / 1888’ olieverf op paneel, 70 x 100 cm

Panorama Mesdag has obtained a special acquisition from a private donor. The painting London: coaches in the fog from 1888 by Pieter de Josselin de Jong (1861-1906) was recently donated by Mr. R. Müller. On the occasion of this special fact, the new acquisition can be admired in the museum from 1 July.

The painting was previously on loan at the successful exhibition about this artist in Panorama Mesdag (winter 2017-2018). Enthusiastic about the beautiful place the painting was given in the exhibition, the positive reactions from the public and the personal approach of Panorama Mesdag, Mr. Müller decided to donate the painting. Museum director Minke Schat: “We are delighted and extremely grateful for this special gift”.

An asset to the collection
Pieter de Josselin de Jong is pre-eminently an artist who belonged to the inner circle of Mesdag: the two men were close friends and at the same time served on the board of Pulchri Studio. In addition, Mesdag admired De Josselin de Jong as an artist, collected his work and spoke at his funeral. The museum already owns two portraits of De Josselin de Jong. Pieter de Josselin de Jong found the inspiration for this dynamic cityscape during a stay in London in 1888. Passengers are huddled in their coats on the roof of an omnibus, their faces hidden behind umbrellas. It is difficult for sandwich men to control their billboards by the wind. “The work is of international allure and forms a good basis for the further expansion of the contemporary Mesdag collection,” said Suzanne Veldink, head of museum affairs.