Parking in the neighbourhood

In order to park in the Archipelbuurt without using the parking metre, a resident’s or a visitor’s parking permit is required. These permits are valid for the hours between 9:00- 17:00, otherwise parking is free.

For more information contact:
Dienst Stadsbeheer (City Management Service),
Loosduinseweg 13-17, 2517 AA The Hague
070-353 30 00
Office opening hours: Monday to Friday, 7:45 – 16:00
Telephone line open: Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 20:00

Parking for the handicapped: 070 353 30 00

Digital visitor’s parking permit in 2011

In 2011 the digital visitor’s parking permit will replace the paper visitor’s pass and parking disc. All residents living in neighbourhoods with paid parking may request this digital permit.

A parking permit for visitors allows your visitors to park in the street without having to purchase a ticket from the dispenser. A number of neighbourhoods are already using the digital visitor’s pass while other neighbourhoods are still using the paper visitor’s pass and cardboard parking disc. The digital visitor’s pass will replace the old paper system automatically over the course of 2011.

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Fake parking permits

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